Project showcases, interviews with filmmakers, and company news about the SIGMA CINE lens line.

Auto Exotica: Where the car is the star and you’re along for the ride

The Auto Exotica team tackles the challenges of find the right gear to show off the style, luxury and, most importantly, the speed of the star subjects.

White Fire Interview: Creating the Films that Matter

Interview with the filmmaking and Director of Photography of the film White Fire. The intimate true story of a young boys battle with cancer.

A Basic Guide to Diopters

Diopters are a powerful addition to any cinematographer’s arsenal; experienced or not. They’re often overlooked but have a unique way of expanding the capabilities of lenses you already own.

DP Sandra Valde-Hansen on The L-word: Generation Q

Learn how DP Sandra Valde-Hansen puts her experience and SIGMA Cine Classic lenses to work on her latest projects, including The L Word: Generation Q.

The Cinematography Challenge: Episodes 1-3

SIGMA has teamed up with Rosco to bring you the Cinematography Challenge! Check out all three episodes now and see how these talented artists were able to compose a surprise scene in just 30 minutes.

The Feel of Film with SIGMA Cine Classic Lenses

How SIGMA Classic Primes help to create the traditional “film” feel of cinema.

ProRes RAW Workflow with the SIGMA fp

Recording in ProRes RAW while using the SIGMA fp & fp L and the workflow for that RAW footage in post.

Why Choose SIGMA Cine Classic Lenses

Director Etienne Aurelius gives you his take on how the SIGMA Cine Classic lenses create his ideal dreamy look. It turns them into this haze of natural beauty, like you can see the air in the shot. There’s no more…

Basic Filters Guide: Filters as a Creative Choice

A basic guide on filters all DPs should know

SIGMA fp L Camera: The Director’s Viewfinder

A quick guide as to how the SIGMA fp L can act as your ideal full-frame digital Director’s Viewfinder.