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Tosha Gaines
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Tosha Gains is an inclusive photographer based in Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA. A self-taught photographer, her bold and colorful personality is seen throughout her portraiture — dynamic imagery that pairs her eye for detail with a love of natural light and off-camera flash/continuous lighting. Along with being a photographer, she is also a pediatric occupational therapist with a strong desire to photograph disabled people. Her aim is to not only capture her client’s personalities, but to bolster their self-confidence one session at a time. It’s an aesthetic born from both her passion to create and helping others. This core aesthetic is the driving force behind her personal project, which focuses on individuals with disabled people and mental health awareness via the eyes of a therapist.

Celebrating Life with Día de los Muertos Portraiture

Photographer Tosha Gaines explores the traditions of the Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) through colorful portrait sessions, helping her clients to beautifully remember and honor the loved ones they have lost.

Through an Inclusive Lens: Photographing People with Disabilities

Photography is meant for everyone, whether you’re in front of the camera or behind it, but sometimes physical or mental challenges get in the way. Tosha Gaines explains how her experience as an occupational therapist has helped her become a truly inclusive photographer, helping people with a wide range of disabilities grow and heal through the art they create together.