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This week’s Fan Photo of the Week was made with the Sigma 120-300mm F2.8 lens paired with a Nikon D3 by Jack Mancini. He tells us:

Fan Photo of the Week

Fan Photo of the Week by Jack Mancini made with the Sigma 120-300mm F2.8.

The picture attached was shot during Week 6 of the FTI Consulting Winter Equestrian Festival which is a 12 week circuit in Wellington, Florida. This is from “Saturday Night Lights”  Spy Coast Farm $125,000 Grand Prix event. This is a Marquee event which occurs each week.  This photo, captured at 1/640 F4 ISO 4000 is of Liza Finsness, the youngest competitor in the event which is comprised of the top Show Jumping Riders in the world.

 About Jack Mancini: I am the Official Photographer for Equestrian Sport Productions (ESP) which produces the 12 week event during the winter as well as 30 weeks of additional show jumping events in Wellington, Florida. I have produced/published two books on the FTI Consulting Winter Equestrian Festival and I am working on another now called “The Wellington Equestrian”. I shoot with Nikon and Sigma cameras and Sigma lenses.  This is my 4th year as a professional photographer after 25 years in the technology industry. Visit his website!


This week’s Fan Photo of the Week was made by Brian Drourr in Vermont with the Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 lens.

Zen Barn

260 source shots were stacked for this powerful nightscape. © Brian Drourr.



In a rare interview at this year’s CES show, Sigma’s CEO, Mr. Kazuto Yamaki shares his vision for Sigma today and moving into the future as well as the inspiration behind his newly introduced Global Vision and the products that give meaning to that vision.  Learn about how quality continues to define Sigma’s product line with no exception. Mr. Yamaki is warm and open and lets us know just how personal his work is to him.


This week’s Fan Photo comes from Tim Thurman of Whitmore Lake, Michigan. He tells us:

Tawas Point Lighthouse, by Tim Thurman

I wanted more than the sunset setting on the Lighthouse, I needed something to add a little bit of composition. I walked a few trails and found this old dead tree trunk. After a few shots, I found the foreground too dark and background too light. I ran back to my Jeep to get the SpeedLites. I played with many different off camera shots. Firing both on and off camera flashes produced this shot.

Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Sigma 10-20mm 1:4-5:6 DC HSM
Flash: Canon 320ex
Tripod: Manfrotto
Technical information : 1/250 F/6.3, ISO 100, 10mm

I have always had a passion photography. I have had my share of Polaroid cameras when I was a child and Point and Shoots up to a few years ago. I finally broke down and bought my first DSLR 3 years now I own three!. It is mainly a hobby. First and foremost I have fun.  And in the end, for me, that is what it is all about. I am 41, I live in Whitmore Lake, MI. I am a divorced  father of two beautiful girls, who are always welcome to pose for me and use any of my gear. I have a wonderful Fiancé who also enjoys shooting pictures. We plan most everything we do to involve some type of photography.

Visit his Facebook pages here and here. Connect via Flickr! and Fine Art America.


Originally released to announce the Sigma Global Vision at Photokina 2012, this artful view into our factory in Aizu, Japan, has been getting a lot of views lately as more and more photographers are discovering how Sigma is revolutionizing the world of photography.

Learn more about Sigma’s A1 Testing procedures for new Global Vision lenses, named for our Aizu Factory.


Shot by Alex McClure with the Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM on an Olympus EM-5.

This week’s Fan Photo of the Week was made by Alex McClure of Tempe, Arizona. He tells us:

This shot was taken at Lake Pleasant Arizona just outside of Phoenix. I used the Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM on my Olympus EM-5.  My setting for this shot: 10mm, for 14 second, at f/10 and IOS 1250. I was using the technique called “spinning wool” to make the light trails.

I do commercial photography but my passion is Landscape. You can visit my website here:


Sigma Corporation was always proud to say that at 50 years old, it remained a family owned, privately held company whose founder still sat at its helm.  Michihiro Yamaki, founder, chairman and CEO of Sigma Corporation, was a man of extraordinary gifts.  As an optical engineer, he is responsible for developing photographic equipment that took hold and changed the industry.  As an entrepreneur, he took those innovations and built a company that still today, meets the needs of photographers no matter their skill or income level and no matter their choice of photography or camera.  As a man, the term we hear over and over again is “gentleman”. Sigma lost Mr. Yamaki last year to cancer and the loss is dearly felt. We are pleased to share with you the breadth and impact of his accomplishments in this short video. It is for these reasons, the Photoimaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association, PMDA, has honored Michihiro Yamaki with the Lifetime Achievement award; an honor he so richly deserves.


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CES 2013 just wrapped up in Las Vegas. The biggest news out of Sigma’s Booth #7904 at LVCC Center Hall is, of course, the just-announced Sigma DP3 Merrill and the new Monochrome mode in Sigma Photo Pro 5.5, along with the upcoming release dates of the new Sigma 120-300mm Sports lens and the 17-70mm Contemporary Lens.

The Sigma DP3 Merrill features a 50mm F2.8 Macro lens and the renowned Merrill Generation APS-C sized 46 Megapixel Foveon X3 Direct Image Sensor.

This newest Foveon-powered compact prime camera comes with a 50mm F2.8 lens, that with the 1.5x sensor factor of the APS-C 46 Megapixel Merrill Generation chips equates to a 75mm F2.8 with 1:3 maximum macro magnification. This short tele member of the DP line is going to be a favorite of portraitists, for certain, with its longer focal length. And the combination of close-focusing and 1:3 macro magnification combined with the exceptionally fine detail captured by this sensor is going to make for beautiful photographs of tiny things drawn huge. Fans have been clamoring for a longer-lensed DP camera for a long while, and it is finally here.



Sigma will be at the International Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2013, from January 8-11, 2013 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. We will be in Central Hall Booth 7904, and we hope you can join us for this amazing show. Click here for a map of the show floor to locate the Sigma booth.

The Sigma team will be out in full force, with our line of over 40 lenses, including the hot new Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM A, for photographers to check out.

At every show, the Sigma Booth is always packed with fans looking to check out the hottest lenses and cameras!

And of course, we’ll have our Merill Generation Foveon-sensor Cameras, the Sigma SD1 Merill, DP2 Merrill, and DP1 Merrill as well. Sigma Pros Lindsay Adler and Kevin Ames, along with our crack team of tech reps will be manning the Sigma SD1 Merrill Fashion Shooting Station, so photographers can experience the amazing detail and quality of the SD1 Merrill and DP cameras.

One of the thousands of beautiful photos made at the SD1 Merrill Photo Studio last year. There will be many more made at CES 2013!

At every show, this is one of the hottest draws to the booth. Lindsay Adler explains why:

“We bring in experienced models, who are completely comfortable working in front of the camera, who can effortlessly work with the photographers testing out the SD1 Merrill to make truly professional portfolio quality images. And it’s not just that they get to review them on the LCD or a monitor, either–the photographers get to walk away just minutes after the shoot with a USB drive loaded with the full-resolution images from their shoot. I can only imagine how they feel when they open these files up on their own computer and view them at 100%–because the SD1 Merrill is so amazing at capturing the finest details in skin, hair, and the fabrics.”

“For CES 2013, we are going to be switching back and forth between two themes with the models–Couture and ‘50s and ‘60s Vintage Looks. These have been among the most popular styles and looks we’ve used at past trade shows and the American Photo Model Shoots. Kevin and I will be there to offer advice on lighting, posing, and lens choices, and we are sure there will be many very happy photographers at the end each day. And in the past, we’ve seen photographers wait in line to get a turn to shoot, then get back in line again once the styling has changed, just so they can make more wonderful studio shots.”

“One comment from a photographer at PhotoPlus 2012 really stands out in my mind. This photographer came to the booth to try out the SD1 Merrill. He said he was primarily a landscape photographer, and wanted to test out the camera, and this was the best way. But after working with it in the studio and seeing that spark that can come into the images from working with trained models, he said we had opened up a brand-new door and creative outlet for his photography–I personally found that very rewarding!”

And every person who tests the Sigma SD1 Merrill will be eligible for a chance to win a Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM A! (Click here for full rules.)

And even if you can’t make it to CES, there’s plenty more chances to test-shoot the Sigma SD1 Merrill at the American Photo Model Shoots from Coast to Coast. Stay tuned for the list of 2013 dates and locations!

If you’re heading to show, be sure to download the official CES App from the iTunes Store. It’s free!  Or enter: into your mobile browser

And even if you’re not coming to the show, you should download that App–you’ll be able to download and view our virtual Press Kit and stay up to the minute on announcements and other excitement happening at the Sigma Booth.

We’ll be posting to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus throughout the show, and we’ll be following the #CES, #2013CES and #ItHasToBeSigma hashtags, so if you’ve got questions, feedback, or comments, we’ll be paying attention.

It’s going to be a great show. Sigma fans are going to have a great time. We hope to see you there!


Dec 6 2012 NYC Skyline ©2012 Chad Weisser. Shot with the Sigma 70-200mm F2.8.

This week’s Fan Photo of the Week is by Chad Weisser, of Long Island City, NY.

He tells us that his image, Sunset of Manhattan Dec 6th, 2012, was shot from my apartment 24th fl on East River in Long Island City, Queens.  Shot at 105mm ISO 400 f 9.5,  9 shot wide pano, bracketed 3 shots each.  Post production edit on LR 4.2 and CS6.  My HDR is done via LR plug-in Merge to HDR Pro in Photoshop for a 32 bit file, then final edits in LR for saturation, clarity, etc.   Shot with Nikon D7000, Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 EX DG Macro HSM II.

About Chad: I’m originally from Siesta Key, Florida. Then after high school I moved to Austin, TX, Gloucester MA, San Fran, LA, San Diego, Miami Beach, and now NYC. I have a passion for travel, and along with that passion to travel has grown into a passion to photograph those places I go. Living in some of the best cities has given me the opportunity to see some amazing landscapes and cityscapes which has helped me grow in shooting landscape, cityscapes and huge panoramics.

I started off with a Nikon D80 about 5 yrs ago, and this year I upgraded to a Nikon D7000, and I hope to step up to a Nikon D800E in a year or two. Along with my Sigma 70-200mm F2.8, my next favorite lens is my Sigma 10-20mm f4/-5.6 which is my workhorse for landscapes and cityscapes.  I moved to NY about 2 years ago and have had tons of things to shoot, and have grown in my field. I was lucky for 2012 to have been in 3 month long gallery shows, 1 bank that had two of my pieces up for 1 month, and recently NBC in NY featured a sunset of mine!

I believe the most important quality of a photograph, as in all of art, is to evoke an emotional response. While everything in nature does this for me, selecting just the right places and moments to make a photograph that conveys those emotions is far more difficult. My camera is one of the tools I use to achieve my final results, the image you see here.

Check out more of Chad’s work here and here. And fan his Facebook page here.