Melinda James
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Melinda James is a cinematographer and filmmaker whose work encompasses documentaries, narratives, installations, commercials, and music videos. Centering her work on women, QTBIPOC, and underrepresented communities, Melinda is drawn to the process of unearthing the nuances of people’s everyday lives. She’s worked with Hulu, Netflix, Disney Channel, FX, and Pandora. Melinda was recently awarded an ASC Vision Mentorship with John Simmons, ASC, and is a member of the International Collective of Female Cinematographers.

The Role of Color in Filmmaking

From pre-production and deciding what lenses will be used, to post-production and working with a colorist, color is extremely important in both its ability to be an element that is bold enough call and demand the eye’s attention, like a striking red balloon that wafts throughout a city, enticing a young child to endlessly pursue it, and also stir something within us, through a means that is more subtle and can only be felt in our bodies, like the way a quiet moment during dawn, instantly offers us peace and space for reflection.