Lacey Marshall
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Lacey Marshall currently works as the Cine Marketing Specialist out of the Sigma Cine Burbank office.

Making His Mark: 30 Years with Mark Amir-Hamzeh at Sigma Corporation of America

Our President, Mark Amir-Hamzeh, is celebrating 30 years with Sigma Corporation of America. We sat down and talked with him for a few minutes about his experience with Sigma and the journey the company has made over the past three decades.

Creating 1927 Mississippi with DP Charlie Cole

Director of Photography Charlie Cole, walks us through his experience working on a 1920s styled film.

The Next Sigma Cine Pro: Elle Schneider

Welcome next onto the Sigma Cine Pro team, Director of Photography Elle Schneider!  Background Elle Schneider is a filmmaker from New York City with over a decade of professional experience and dozens of credits behind the camera as a director…

Toe: Stop Motion Horror with Sigma Art Lenses

An interview with Neal O’Bryan about his stop-motion rendition of “Toe”, the classic American horror tale.

Indigo Valley: Interview with Jaclyn Bethany and Irene Gómez-Emilsson

Please join me in speaking with the Director, Writer, and lead Actress, Jaclyn Bethany as well as Director of Photography, Irene Gómez-Emilsson, of the independent feature Indigo Valley. The film follows the story of estranged sisters Louise and Isabella. When…

Women in Media: CAMERAderie Initiative

From the script to a black carpet screening, see Women in Media has been supporting aspiring filmmakers. It takes a village to shoot a film, and that’s precisely why the Women in Media: CAMERAderie Initiative was created. Sigma has been…

Event Recap: Blackmagic Collective – Comedy

What happens when a group of comedy filmmakers walks into a Sigma showroom? They have a riveting and educational evening, of course! If you think you can write a better punchline, then you should have been here this past Saturday,…