First look: SIGMA CINE 65mm T1.5 FF High Speed + 65mm T2.5 Classic Prime Lenses

Alaska: A mystical land full of enchanting scenery. Lose yourself in dense forest, gaze in awe of enormous crackling glaciers or stand face-to-face with a raging waterfall. To make it through here, you need to be as tough as metal and adaptable to any situation.

SIGMA CINE Ambassador Graham Sheldon ventured out to Alaska with the new SIGMA CINE 65mm T1.5 FF HS and 65mm T2.5 FF Classic to prove they can endure the harsh wilderness and return with a reel of beautiful scenery.

The 65mm T1.5 FF HS and 65mm T2.5 FF Classic are the newest additions to their respective lines. Exclusively built for cinema, their entry sums up to 11 lenses across each product line and extreme versatility for cinematographers. With an image circle of 43.3mm, they cover the latest full-frame and Super 35 sensors. Robust metal housings ensure durability through the intensity of production and variable environments. Coming in at T1.5 for the FF High Speed, the fast aperture allows for versatility in situations where lighting is constantly changing or when no lighting equipment is available.

The SIGMA CINE 65mm T1.5 FF is available for Canon EF, Sony E, and PL/i Mount.

The SIGMA CINE 65mm T2.5 FF Classic is available for PL/i Mount only.

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