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SIGMA I series Lens Road Trip – Reflections in Verse

Alright, another blog post…
Scratch that let’s keep this fun
How about a long-ass poem
After all, it is two thousand twenty-one.

We set off on an adventure
To get a break from time traveling on the west
From San Diego to Denver
A few stops along the way and back — after all, we need to rest.

I had to bring my camera
My girlfriend would prob be mad if I didn’t
But that’s okay, I am one with it
Photography is the best — innit?

My glass of choice must qualify in a few places
Look nice
Be compact
And not be heavy as RHYME.

So I got some new SIGMAs
The 24, 35, and 65
They are beautiful lenses
At least from the outside.

So how do they look from within?
We must put them to the test!
In the bag, they go
I’ll stop shooting when I’m dead.

We traveled across the states
With one rule for the trip
Pick a city, use Airbnb
and book the cheapest place we can in it.

The first stop was right outside the Grand Canyon
Man, it’s beautiful there — and dry
The sun-kissed skin of Nai’s face is my favorite
She looks so beautiful in the light.

Grand Canyon for a day
We went on a hike
I didn’t bring my camera down in it
So here’s a shot from up high.

I love the DOF on these bad boys
What a wonderful sight
And being able to adjust it manually
Super useful and it feels right.

I’ve never had a lens with manual aperture
It’s a new one to me
I think the thing that stood out the most
Was how it didn’t even feel clunky.

I actually liked it better than electronic
Who would have thought?
I could change it quicker, more reliably
Even when it was very hot.

Next, we hit Arches
It was so busy they let us in for free
Apparently, the line was so long it blocked traffic
Thanks for letting us keep our money!

After that, we stayed at this guy’s family farm
It was beautiful outside
He had dogs, horses, cows
We even went for a ride.

Lastly, we went to the Rocky Mountain National Park
We met up with my best friend and his wife
They were expecting a baby soon
I am so excited for new life.

We camped out of a trailer
I had never done this before
I am a pretty good roommate, though
I was trained by being on tour.

The area was beautiful
We went on hikes and cooked over the fire
Covid really made me miss traveling
Nothing good to rhyme with fire.

I liked the 24 for wide shots
Which makes sense, cause it was wide.
I need to get better at macro
But here is one, I tried.

The 35 was great for walking around
Landscapes, portraits — whatever works
I think it’s my favorite of the three
I like how natural it looked.

The 65 was great — a bit more restrictive and that’s fine
Perfect for portraits with an OOF background
Even my inexperienced friend’s skills shined.

SIGMA always has a slick look
The lenses handmade in Japan
They really went next level
With the magnetic lens cap, man.

I didn’t even know it was a feature
Until I opened the box
Usually i just throw the lens cap away
But this one is fashionable — and rocks!

Next we headed back to Cali
Back to our lives and time to enjoy the sun
Thanks SIGMA for capturing my trip with me
I can’t wait to do another one.

Alright thanks for letting me write a poem. Blog posts, I have done so many — it’s nice to break it up a bit. On a serious note, these lenses are great. I am always a big fan of how lenses look / how they feel / how small they are. I am not the most technical person, if you couldn’t tell. But a big part of my job is blending in, and that starts with how I dress and present myself, as well as what my camera looks like. There is nothing worse than having a big 70-200 white lens and sticking out in a crowd. I love having a lens that matches my aesthetic. When I travel it just feels so much more… natural. I don’t want some big clunky heavy stuff. I just want it to feel nice.

These lenses feel kinda hipster. But not in a negative way. They just take the digital camera and make it feel a little more old-school without taking away from any of its functionality. So thank you SIGMA for always crushing it with design. I think it’s such an important aspect of lenses for me.

Do I have to send these back!?

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