ProRes RAW Workflow with the SIGMA fp

Today we are going to discuss recording in ProRes RAW while using the SIGMA fp & fp L and the workflow for that RAW footage in post. 

What is ProRes RAW

First off let’s explain what it is: Apple ProRes RAW is a codec that allows for recording RAW footage while keeping manageable file sizes. Over time, the ability to shoot RAW footage has become more and more essential to filmmakers and along with that came more RAW capable cameras. The full-frame SIGMA fp & fp L is able to record ProRes RAW at up to DCI 4K24p or UHD 4K30p via HDMI to the Atomos Ninja V. 

ProRes RAW is ideal for Apple users since you can only edit this type of Raw footage in Final Cut Pro X. Decompressing other types of RAW footage can easily become a strain on your computer and bog down your post-production speed. But ProRes RAW was built for Final Cut Pro X so it’s able to record a large amount of data without slowing down your post-production process. 

Set up fp & fp L with your Atomos Recorder

Setting up your SIGMA fp and Atomos recorder is fairly simple and all you need is the camera, the recorder and an HDMI/micro HDMI cable. Plug the micro HDMI into the side of the fp and connect by plugging in the HDMI into your Atomos recorder. 

Make sure the fp is in cine mode and scroll through the menu to the “Settings” section. Under “settings” find “HDMI Output” and set it to “Recorded Image Output”. To set it to record RAW, click for “further options” under “Recorded Image Output” and from there select “RAW” under “Output Format”. To trigger recording through the camera, in the menu under “Settings” click on “Time Code”, from there click the HDMI Output and set that to “On”. 

Now here’s my post-production workflow when working with ProRes RAW…

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