Video: How to Reduce Noise in Night Sky Images

If you shoot long exposures to capture the beauty of a clear night sky, you’ve undoubtedly run into issues with image noise. Luckily, SIGMA Ambassador Darren White is here to show you how to eliminate that pesky noise and grain with a variety of post-production techniques!

Learn how to remove white noise from shadows, how to get rid of “confetti” noise in single long exposures, and even how to quickly stack your images to get ultra-smooth foregrounds and skies.

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One thought on “Video: How to Reduce Noise in Night Sky Images”

  1. I enjoyed your video on noise reduction. I use Starry Landscape Stacker and generally do 8 back-to-back photos…but next time I’ll try 20+. I also like the tip on the white noise…the penlight method to reduce the white dots.

    I stumbled onto your video by google searching “Corona arch Milky Way.”

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