SIGMA Shot At Home Contest

Sigma Shot at Home – Week 10 Winners

Check out the first ever double winner below, and we hope they encourage you to submit your work for the #SigmaShotAtHome competition which runs through June 26, 2020. Winners are picked every week so don’t miss your chance!

Week 10 – Shot at Home Still Photography

Winner: Evan Davison

Title: Mom with Chickens

Story: During quarantine, social distancing has meant spending a lot of time at home. My parents spend much of their time working on projects around the house and in our garden, including taking care of our small flock of six chickens. This photo also emphasizes the restrictive nature of being isolated from everyday life, and how being at home can begin to feel a little claustrophobic.

Week 10 – Shot at Home Cine

Winner: Evan Davison

Title: Not so Far Apart

Story: This short film is about the feeling of social isolation and being unable to see friends and family, and how at some point in the future when it is safe we will feel the urge to rush out to see the people we care about.

This competition has ended. CLICK HERE to see all winners and honorable mentions.

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