Marc shots

In a still camera the concept of shutter speed is pretty simple the shutter opens and closes at a given interval to achieve a single frame. Putting aside all of the other attributes of exposure like that the field and your ISO rating the goal is to clearly get a sharp image of the subject. Most cameras will allow you to operate the shutter from a 30 second exposure all the way up to 1/8000 of a second. Now in a still camera again the idea is to get a sharp image. However, in some cases showing some motion blur by dragging the shutter also denotes speed in the subject which is a little bit more of a creative concept. Pictured here are two examples of just that the first one is dragging the shutter a little to show movement on the drumsticks. The second image is taken at over 2000th of a second capturing an F 22 at well over 300 mph on a high-speed pass.