While so many friends are sheltering at home, it was also apparent which friends were still providing services I have been taking for granted. A good example is Michele, who delivers my mail. I never worry about my mail delivery. It’s always there. Rain. Snow. Sub-zero temperatures. Even Covid-19 quarantine. Magazines…checks (well, when there was work)…prescriptions from the pharmacy. Always there. Since I was using this project to be creative, I wanted to be as creative as possible. So, since the Sigma fp camera is so small, I put the camera with 14-24mm lens inside the mail box for a point of view perspective. To keep not only myself, but Michele safe, I texted her what I wanted to do and was ready for the shot when she drove up.
Sigma fp camera with 14-24 DGDN f2.8 Art lens. ISO 500; f7.1 at 1/125 second.