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Women in Media: CAMERAderie Initiative

From the script to a black carpet screening, see Women in Media has been supporting aspiring filmmakers.

It takes a village to shoot a film, and that’s precisely why the Women in Media: CAMERAderie Initiative was created. Sigma has been a sponsor of Women in Media throughout the year, but when they approached us with this CAMERAderie concept, we knew we had to be a part of it. Women In Media encourages gender balance in film and entertainment industries by providing professional development for women above the line, such as producers and directors,  and women below the line, such as grips and camera operators. They created the CAMERAderie Initiative to be a platform to support emerging voices, who would gain the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience and professional development via production of three short films. 

Out of over 140 submissions, three lucky finalists were given the opportunity to film their project. Sigma was honored to support Women in Media by lending a full set of the Full Frame High-Speed Cine lenses to the finalists as well as host multiple events in the Sigma Burbank space.

First was the Crew Up Speed Dating, where filmmakers from both above the line and below the line filled our showroom ready to team up. One semi-finalist sat at every table with each round having fifteen minutes to network. Given the opportunity to network with untapped female talent, semi-finalists moved one step closer to building out their production team. Energy buzzed throughout the entire night as friendships formed, ideas were tossed back and forth, and filming plans solidified. 

Once the three finalists were chosen, we hosted the CAMERAderie Orientation, a full-day educational workshop. The classes spanned across all aspects of the filmmaking process such as leadership, camera, production, post-production, sound, composing, script supervision, and art department. With notebooks ready in hand, finalists were able to learn and network from some of cinema’s leading creators. Throughout the day contestants eagerly scuttled from “Characteristics of Your Lens” to “Secrets to Hollywood Sound” to “Scheduling & Budget” and much much more. 

A huge congratulations to all of the finalists and we absolutely can not wait to see their finished films coming this fall! For more information on the CAMERAderie Initiative, the mentors, educators, and vendors supporting this initiative, please go to Don’t miss other events like these by following Sigma on our social channels (Facebook) and (Instagram) and check our website. If you want to stop by, you can always visit us or demo our lenses at Sigma Burbank 148 S. Victory Blvd, 10 am – 5 pm Mon – Fri. For more information call: 213-699-0561 or email

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