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Sigma Lens Workshops are sweeping the nation, and attendees are having a blast. These two-part workshops combine lecture based learning with a hands-on photo shoot. Attendees learn from Sigma technical representatives, and get firsthand experience with Sigma lenses!

© Pamela Stukenborg

Test drive the latest Sigma lenses!

That’s right, Sigma provides lenses for the hands-on part of the workshop for attendees to use. You can read reviews on a lens, but it’s always better to try them out and see how amazing they are in person.

© Mike Hill 2018 | Attendees testing out Sigma lenses with a model.

Meet Sigma Global Vision experts

Sigma reps are trained in our Global Vision line, and will provide knowledge and answer any questions attendees have.

2018 | Tech rep giving teaching a workshop.


Get Cool Sigma swag

Sigma is generous 🙂 We’re always giving away something at these workshops, whether it’s a raffle for a camera bag or other handy accessories.

Learn about fun topics

We have a bunch to choose from such as astrophotography, macro, and portrait photography!

© 2018 Danielle Rischawy | Picture taken at macro workshop.

Learn how to update with USB Dock

Our tech reps are there to help with any questions you have about updating your lens with our USB dock.

Get gear advice from our tech reps

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to try to pick a lens for a photo shoot, don’t worry, our technical representatives are there to answer all of your questions.


Exclusive event specials

There are amazing, exclusive in-store sales promos going on at these workshops, so now’s the time to buy.

Meet fellow photographers from your area

One of the best things is the sense of community with these workshops. Photography really brings people together.

© 2018 Danielle Rischawy

Connect on social media

Check social media for updates about these workshops and connect with people who are going.

Get more “Likes” and “Followers”

After you post your amazing pictures from these workshops you’re going to get more “Likes” and “Followers”. Don’t forget to mention Sigma Photo, and your picture may be featured on our page one day! Fan us on Facebook!  Follow us on Instagram!

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  1. I wish that the upcoming schedule included more future items. Due to my job, I am unable to request time off to attend workshops on short notice.

  2. When is the next work shop I would love to attend one . I live a few minutes away from Ronkonkoma

  3. Hi David! That would be great if you came to a workshop. Here’s a link to our events page:
    Take a look and see if something works 🙂

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