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Thanks to All our Sigma SuperFans!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Sigma SuperFan Contest! As a company, it is incredible to see just how much Sigma lenses and cameras mean to so many photographers from all walks of life, from all corners of the globe. Young and older, longtime fans and recent converts, we truly appreciated hearing from all of you!

We had photographers tell us about positive their experiences dealing with the Sigma family on the phone, in person, at events and trade show, and on line. We had fans share great customer service stories, and about their interaction with our dedicated teams of tech reps and pros at giant trade shows and smaller, personalized events.

We had fans share their love of Sigma lenses for making photos, both personal, and for professional purposes, of birds, family, landscape, wildlife, weddings and events, trains, planes and still lifes, fine art and architecture and everything in between.

While we could only select nine winners, we here at Sigma Corporation of America now feel we have a much greater appreciation and connection with our loyal fan base. It is great to know that so many photographers really “get” what Sigma is all about, and truly appreciate the things that set Sigma apart from other lens makers—from everything being Made in Japan at our factory in Aizu, the 100% inspection of Sigma Global Vision lenses, and the true respect for the craft of photography that is part of the company DNA of Sigma.

And I can tell you that each month last year, calling each winner and letting them know they’d been chosen as the next month’s Sigma SuperFan was one of the most enjoyable of tasks on my to-do list!

Our winner’s circle, from the very first Sigma SuperFan Ed Ruth, announced in April, to Lisa Sellge, our December winner, are a fantastic representation of our loyal fans from coast to coast!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations again to our 2015 Sigma SuperFans!

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  1. This was definitely the highlight of my entire 2015 year. Thanks for wrapping it up with joy. Love my Sigma equipment!

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