Sigma Cine Lenses Review Roundup

Announced earlier this week, Sigma’s new Cine Lenses are making a splash at the IBC Show.

Here are some of our favorite quotes we’ve seen so far!



Sigma controls its own mass production facilities at its Aizu factory and is clearly in a position to produce high quality lenses in volume – something that smaller bespoke makers cannot hope to compete with. I expect its pricing to be extremely competitive, just as it is for their photo lenses. I also suspect that these are just the first in a wide range of Sigma cine lenses and I for one are glad that the Japanese lens giant is getting into the cine game.


Sigma reinvented itself in 2012 with a terrific new lens design (I was initially skeptical about the branding) at relatively inexpensive prices, which really seemed to usher in a new competitive era in third-party lenses. Now it’s taking it all a step further by getting into the cinema-lens business, hopefully bringing with it the same low prices and quality optics. It enters the market with a full set of key lenses, too, rather than just floating a trial balloon of a single lens.


Resource Magazine

Less than five years ago, Sigma upset the photo world apple cart by changing the game and releasing incredible top-tier optics at a reasonable price point. Continuing on that “game changer” mentality, they have announced the impending release of eight super high-end cinema lenses for Canon EF and Sony E mount (with PL to come shortly after) starting in the next year.

DIY Photography

When Sigma set their mind to something, they really seem to go all-in lately. That’s what they’ve done today, by announcing EIGHT new Cinema lenses at the same time. The new collection of lenses comprises five T1.5 primes and three zoom lenses. Well, it’s certainly a nice collection to kick off their entry in the world of cinema lenses.

It makes sense that Sigma are expanding their range into other markets. Their quality control has gone way up in recent years. Many of their photography lenses now keep up well with Nikon, Canon and other 3rd party counterparts. With the move toward video for many photographers, this is a smart move. And if Sigma’s photography lenses are anything to go by, they’ll be extremely competitive.


Lens designer Sigma isn’t just entering the cinema market — it’s heading into new territory armed with eight new lenses designed for high resolution 6K to as high as 8K recording.


Film and Digital Times

The rumors are confirmed. The big booth at IBC makes sense: Sigma is jumping into the cinema industry with a new line of CINE LENSES. The big news is that most of them are Full Frame, High Speed, ridiculously small and incredibly light. Image quality is outstanding. These are not rehoused lenses. They come from the same factory where the superb Sigma Art DSLR lenses come from—the northern region of Japan—Aizu.

See the new lenses in action!

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