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At Sigma, we do one thing. Photography. This aspect of us is something that we truly pride ourselves on. There are no microscopes, security cameras, or printers in our lineup; our passion is pure photography. The dedication to this craft shows in many forms, from the testing of each individual Global Vision lens before shipping to our customer service employees who are always striving to help as much as possible. Supporting emerging artists is another aspect of Sigma that we have a strong commitment to. We understand you have a vision and we are here to support it. Below are a few programs and artists whose passion and dedication we are honored to help showcase to the world.

PDN’s 30 Emerging Photographers

The 16th annual program showcasing 30 emerging photographers who are changing the industry with their creative and stunning visual work.


The Giving Lens

An organization dedicated to working with local communities and non-profits in developing countries to bring to light not only social and environmental issues but also the world around us.

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Sigma Educational Program


A program designed to help put the tools young photographers and educators need in their hands faster and at a more affordable price.

Molly Ferrill

Working together with National Geographic, Molly is documenting the declining state of elephants in Myanmar and their role in their history and culture.

Jason DeCaires Taylor

An immensely talented artist, Taylor is best known for his famous underwater sculptures off the coast of Grenada and Cancun to encourage environmental awareness and social change.

© 2011 Jason DeCaires Taylor

Bonocore Visual Studios

From documenting extreme surfers in the Arctic Circle to the impact of tourism on the Elephants of Thailand, Michael Bonocore is a videographer with a talent for connecting his audience with his subject.

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