Video Quicktips for Photographers

Our new video quicktips series offers advice for photographers who are looking to understand more about the techniques and technologies that can help them make better pictures. Each episode is just a few minutes long and looks to explain and offer advice in an easy-to-grasp way. Check back on this posting all month long as we continue to add new episodes to this series.

Our First Episode demonstrates how to Hold a Big Camera Lens:


And here we explain How, When, and Why to Use Optical Stabilization:


Got a topic you’d like us to tackle? Leave a comment for consideration!

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Jack Howard

Jack Howard is a lifelong photographer and author of two editions of the how-to book, Practical HDRI. Based in Central Jersey, Jack's go-to photography spots are backroads and beaches of his home state. He loves to travel far and wide with his wife and daughter, visiting national parks, museums, tropical islands and more along the way.

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