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Sigma Founder Michihiro Yamaki Honored With PMDA Lifetime Achievement Award

Sigma Corporation was always proud to say that at 50 years old, it remained a family owned, privately held company whose founder still sat at its helm.  Michihiro Yamaki, founder, chairman and CEO of Sigma Corporation, was a man of extraordinary gifts.  As an optical engineer, he is responsible for developing photographic equipment that took hold and changed the industry.  As an entrepreneur, he took those innovations and built a company that still today, meets the needs of photographers no matter their skill or income level and no matter their choice of photography or camera.  As a man, the term we hear over and over again is “gentleman”. Sigma lost Mr. Yamaki last year to cancer and the loss is dearly felt. We are pleased to share with you the breadth and impact of his accomplishments in this short video. It is for these reasons, the Photoimaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association, PMDA, has honored Michihiro Yamaki with the Lifetime Achievement award; an honor he so richly deserves.

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  1. Sigma is one of those companies that still deserves admiration and allegiance due to it’s unwavering product development and delivery standards. I am sure that Yamaki-san’s principles and philosophy is embodied at every new product announcement. Congratulations to his family, he will be missed, but his legacy remains through the leadership of all those at Sigma whose lives were undoubtedly touched by him.

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