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Sigma’s Jared Ivy and his family made this great video demonstrating the benefits of the Sigma 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM and the EF-610 DG ST flash for family photography.

Watch the video to learn about this great flash and lens combo!

And as a bonus, here’s more great tips from Jared for making the most of your family photos

  • When shooting at a focal length wider than 24mm while using the flash, use the built in diffuser to spread the light wide enough to cover the scene. You can also bounce the flash off the ceiling to distribute the light for very wide angle shots, too.
  • Try placing your subject near a light colored wall on either their right or left side. Point your flash towards the wall to simulate nice soft window light.
  • When shooting babies or toddlers, hang a favorite stuffed animal, bell, and/or something shiny (like tinsel) from the lens to get their attention. If you are using a self timer or remote to take a family self portrait, tie fishing line to the attention-getting device so you can pull on it to make it move while sitting with the child.  The fishing line is so thin it will not be seen in the picture.
  • Use the built in bounce card on the flash and tilt the flash to a 75 degree angle to achieve a higher ambient exposure while still bouncing a little direct fill light from the camera’s direction.  This will help  minimize shadows on the face and create nice catch lights in the eyes.
  • Placing a CTO or warming gel over the flash and pointing directly at your subject can simulate sunrise/sunset light on a cloudy day or in open shade. You must underexpose the ambient light and make the flash at the proper exposure.  Your camera’s white balance must be set to the daylight or sunlight mode.
  • When photographing babies or toddlers, try to get down on their level.  Not only is it a more pleasing angle, but they will engage the camera more.
  • And most of all, remember it is supposed to be fun. Take frequent breaks, especially with the youngest photo subjects.

Weston Ivy, by his father, Jared Ivy. Made with the Sigma 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM and EF-610 DG ST Flash. Fillflash adds catchlights and balances the exposure. 1/80 F7.1 ISO 200 at 90mm on Canon EOS 50D..

Learn more about this great kit for travel, sports, wildlife and landscape here!

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  1. This is great, I get good reviews of, your lenses, this is Great!! Please tell me more, keep my e-mail,, Bob

  2. like i said on facebook the 18-250 sounds like a great all around lens and i do like the idea of macro i will price it but i only have canon and i have to change out the 18-55 to my 55-250 and i do not have macro we will see i would like to test it !