This little creature was found in a moment of serendipity as I was bringing in groceries from my car to my house. I looked down at the tiger lilly flowers we had blooming in our front yard, and spotted him there. His strikingly green color set him off against the bright orange of the flower he was in. I don’t know a lot about bugs (except for the fact that they usually creep me out!) but it looked like he was getting nectar from the plant. After inspecting a few other tiger lilies I found that the same species of bug was also exploring the other flowers that were blooming in our yard. I put down my bags of groceries and shot the little guys for over 4 hours. The image of the insect on the tip of the bud was one of the last shots I took that evening. A testament to patience paying off in the long run. F6.3 1/80s ISO100 250mm Manual. ©2012 Walter Arnold.