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Read about my adventures from Day 1 in Phoenix!

We stayed at Foster’s Motel, around 3 miles away from Bryce Canyon National Park and we started the day around 7:00AM with breakfast in the same location. By 7:30AM, we’re already inside the park. We’re looking for some tourist information but unfortunately they’re not open until 8:30AM so we decided to take a free map and just drive inside the Park. Signs were everywhere regarding passing deer and elk, so I was hoping to find at least one inside the Park and luckily I found one. So I hurriedly put on my Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 to take photo of it. This young deer was away from its herd, and was just walking around the road. Luckily, it didn’t startle when we stop the car and it seems like the deer wants to be a model. 

 Bryce Canyon is so big that it will take our whole day if we visit the entire area. But then we need to drive north by 1:00PM, out next stop is still 580 miles away at West Yellowstone in Montana. We decided to stay there since it’s outside the Yellow Stone National Park, our Day 3 Itinerary.

Our first stop was the Fairview point. We just started, but my shutter doesn’t stop from taking photos. Photo was taken with Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 using a graduated ND Filter (0.6). © 2011 Kennard Tan

We move to our next stop, the Natural Bridge of Bryce Canyon. It was one amazing rock formation. This is an HDR photo as the bridge feature is against the light, so I need to capture at least 3 different exposures.

Third stop was the Ponderosa Canyon; Bryce never fails to impress me. A truly natural wonder!!! This photo is again taken with Sigma’s 10-20mm and the use of ND Filter (0.6).

Then we head to the tip of Bryce Canyon, and it’s called the Rainbow Point. Not only did I take photos here but a full 360 degrees video. I was also able to get a panoramic photo stitching 18 photos.

As we head back, we always save the best for last. The Bryce Auditorium. This photo is taken with Sigma 10-20mm. This time I did use graduated ND filter and capture 3 different exposures to create an HDR.

There’s more to see in Bryce Canyon, we just have limited time and would love to visit all our itineraries on time as much as possible. We finish around 12:00PM had a quick lunch and we drive our way to West Yellowstone. As we drive back to I-89 North, we passed by the Red Canyon in Highway 12.

We passed by Salt Lake City in Utah, then the mountains of Utah. It was a wonderful roadtrip. We arrive in West Yellowstone around 10:00PM and called it a day. Have to rest, we still have 3 days to go and a lot of places to visit.

To see more of the photos during my Ramble around the canyon, you can visit at

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