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One-Two Editorial Punch: Sigma 24-105mm F4.0 and Sigma 70-200mm F2.8

© 2014 Lindsay Adler | Lens: Sigma 24-105mm 4.0 | Focal Length: 38mm | Shutter speed: 1/1000 sec | Apeture: f/4.0 | ISO 100

When I shoot fashion editorials for magazines, I am shooting a series of images to tell a story. In 6-10 […]



Desert Fashion Editorial: 24-105mm F4 DG Art. When a One-Lens Solution is a Must-Have!

©  2014 Lindsay Adler | Sigma 24-105mm 4.0 at 87mm | Shutter speed: 1/160sec | Aperture: f/4.0  | ISO 100

Earlier this year I took an expedition into the giant sand dunes outside of Dubai to shoot a fashion editorial for Zink Magazine. This was a shoot I had been anticipating for quite sometime, as it was the type of work I always dreamed of shooting. I would be in an exotic location with an incredible team on my side, beautiful model, and freedom to create striking images. It truly was a dream shoot made into a reality.

On the first day of shooting we took the vehicles deep into the dunes, passing camels and leaving the nearest town and signs of life far behind. As we approach the gathering of dunes I was amazed as they towered like mountains above the SUVs. Seeing the model first stand into front of the dunes, she appeared like a speck before their grand size.



Sigma DP2 Merrill Model Shoot with Robert Lopshire

Photographer Robert Lopshire used the Sigma DP2 Merrill instead of a DSLR for a model shoot, and was amazed at the big-camera image quality of this amazing compact, prime lens camera with the 46 megapixel Merrill Generation Foveon X3 Direct Image Sensor.



Ghost Town Fashion Shoot: Simplifying My Kit by Lindsay Adler

Caption: Here I have established the scene by having one of the models out in the desert. I wanted to give a feeling of desolation and loneliness. For this reason I had the model alone, appearing to look for someone in the distance. I included cactus in the frame and the mountains behind her in order to give that feeling of isolation. I also used a piece of plastic in front of the lens to create lensflare (to give the appearance of heat).  Lens: Sigma 50mm 1.4 | Camer: 5D Mark 2 | ISO 200 | Aperture 2.2 | Shutter speed 1/800 sec | No tripod | Lensflare tool (plastic) on left side | ©2012 Lindsay Adler

I love shooting in striking locations because it helps to add another level of visual interest to my images. The […]



The Lighter Side and Darker Side of Beauty Light by Lindsay Adler

© 2012 Lindsay Adler

There is no such thing as ‘beauty light’. Beauty light can be soft and glowing. Beauty light can be dark […]



3 Tips for Dynamic Female Poses by Lindsay Adler

To create dynamic poses you might consider adding negative space, using triangles and introducing movement to the photos. Image Technicals- Lens: Sigma 50mm 1.4 |  5D Mark 2 | Aperture:  f/6.3 | Shutter speed: 1/100 sec | ISO 100

Posing can certainly be one of the more challenging aspects of portrait photography. There are many ‘rules’ to posing and […]



Hurry Up: Digital Photo Pro’s 5th Annual Emerging Pro Photo Competition Deadline Nears!

Picture 9

There’s still a few days left to enter the 5th Annual Digital Photo Pro Emerging Pros Photography Competition.

Entry deadline is December 6th, 2011, for your chance to win amazing prizes worth $20,000 from Sigma Corporation of America and other sponsors.



Guest Pro: Tamiz Rezvi at the American Photo Model Shoot

In follow-up to the Our Pros | Your Photos portrait critique with Sigma  Pro Kevin Ames I was given a […]



Lighting with Purpose by Lindsay Adler

When you light a subject for a portrait or fashion image, you should be critical about what you are trying […]