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Richard Bagdonas: May’s Sigma SuperFan

Richard Bagdonas of Jacksonville, Florida, is our May Sigma SuperFan! This photo was made by his son, Daniel.

We are pleased to announce Richard Bagdonis, of Jacksonville, Florida as our May #SigmaSuperFan.



All-in-one Lenses Offer Maximum Versatility

All in one lenses cover a very wide range of focal lengths, from wide angle to telephoto. The top image is at 18mm and the bottom image at 250mm. These lenses are designed with an eye towards maximizing versatility in a very compact design.

When it comes to all around versatility, there’s no other type of lens that packs as much creative and compositional flexibility into a compact package as the high-zoom ratio multi-purpose zoom lens. If you want to travel seriously light, but pack a lens that can go from wide angle to telephoto with just a twist of the zoom ring, an all-in-one lens is the way to go. Sigma currently offers three all in ones, the 18-200mm, the 18-250mm, and the 18-300mm.