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Big Wave Surfing at Todos Santos Island Mexico!

This winter the El Nino weather phenomenon is creating ideal conditions for big wave surfing photography. By pure luck I […]



Boudoir Photography Session 8: Two in One Lens- 105mm Macro

© 2016 Jen Rozenbaum

Sigma Pro Jennifer Rozenbaum loves the versatility of the Sigma 105mm Macro lens. This is her go-to lens for sharp, close-up […]



Can Sigma lenses help you realize your bucket list?

© 2016 Roman Kurywczak | Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary and Canon 1Dx body at 600mm f/8 for 1/1600 sec. and ISO 500 hand-held.

  Absolutely! Hawaii has always been a favorite vacation location of mine. I first visited the islands of Hawaii over […]



Fat Bike Snow Racing with the Sigma 150-600mm Sports lens

1/1250 F8 ISO 1250 @ 389mm on a Canon 1DX  © Liam Doran

Fat Bike Snow Racing with the Sigma 150-600mm Sports lens. Capturing Sports action in snowy conditions with this rugged, weatherproof zoom lens.



Lens Exploration: Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM | Art

A wide-aperture APS-C zoom allows for all kinds of creative possibilities. Fresh tomatoes and other produce become works of art. Sosio’s Fruit and Produce, Pike’s Place Market, Seattle. Nikon D800E (APS-C crop mode), Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM | A at 18mm, f/1.8, 1/400 second, ISO 800. Hand-held. Photo © 2015 David FitzSimmons. All rights reserved.

The Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Art lens is revolutionary. Never before has a zoom of this range been produced with a continuous, super-bright f/1.8 aperture. What’s even more amazing is that this groundbreaking optic exudes luxury in its build and performance and produces absolutely spectacular, tack-sharp images, even at f/1.8.



Cross fox in Katmai, Alaska with the Sigma 150-600mm Sports

© 2015 Robert O'Toole | Teeth and claws on display directed toward a photographing moving too quickly. I mistakenly had my aperture set to f/18 causing my ISO level to shoot up to 7200! Sigma 150-600 Sports lens at 410mm and Nikon D810, 1/1250s, f/18, ISO 1000, EV + .3, Manual mode with Auto-ISO, UniqBall UBH 45 head and Jobu Algonquin Carbon Tripod.

Imagine one of finest places in the world for photography, filled with a vast system of mountains, lakes, and hundreds of miles of wild and untamed rivers and streams. A home for brown bear, eagles, fox, and wolves. Thankfully Katmai is visited by only a small number of people each year. Maybe the fact that this place is not reachable by car has something to do with it, but about only twenty to thirty thousand people visit this area of over four million plus acres each year.



The Rodeo with the Sigma 120-300mm Sports

© 2015 Steve Chesler

If you only had 8 seconds to shoot the perfect shot, which lens would you choose? When I had the opportunity to shoot the Attica Rodeo in Attica, NY, I immediately reached for my Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 Sport lens. I knew the action would be fast, I didn’t know what the lighting would be and there would most certainly be dirt and dust flying. The lens could handle all of it, even if the lighting was less than optimal. Fortunately, it was a beautiful late summer day, so I didn’t have any lighting curve balls thrown at me. What I wasn’t counting on being thrown at me came from a bulls rear end.



Boudoir Photography Session 7: How to Create Movement and Emotion

© 2015 | Jen Rozenbaum

In the seventh episode of the Boudoir Photography Sessions, Sigma Pro Jen Rozenbaum explains how to bring out personality and emotion out of her clients. The Sigma 24-105mm F4 DG OS HSM | Art is an incredibly versatile lens to use in a tight quartered space like a hotel room.




Green Anole, Environmental Learning Center, Vero Beach, Florida. Sigma SD1, Sigma 105mm f/2.8 OS macro lens.  f/16, 1/160 second, ISO 100. Two Dynalite Strobes. Lastolite Cubelite light tent. Photo © 2015 David FitzSimmons. All rights reserved.

It’s been five years since I began my Curious Critters photographic series, and a lot has happened. Here’s a quick […]



Brown bears and the 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Sports

© 2015 Robert O'Toole | Red fox posing in the sun on a small patch of grass, Fox island, Kukak Bay, Katmai, Alaska. Sigma 150-600 Sports lens at 550mm and Nikon D810, 1/1250s, f/8, ISO 900, EV + .3, Manual mode with Auto-ISO, UniqBall UBH 45 head and Jobu Algonquin Carbon Tripod.

Exactly what makes Katmai Alaska such a special place for wildlife photographers? After all huge storms routinely sweep in from […]