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#49: Walking through wintry Beach City by Ryuichi Oshimoto

A child climbs onto a statue of Tim Kelly who was a notable surfer and lifeguard. The voices of people playing beach volleyball resonate throughout the winter season in Hermosa Beach California. On this warm sunny day, I walked along the beach using my compact high-magnification zoom lens.

It was early morning after Christmas and there were only a few days left of 2011. I headed west on […]



#48 Farmland in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by Ryuichi Oshimoto

Morning in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It is an hour and a half ride from both eastern Philadelphia and southern Baltimore. The rhythmic footsteps of the horse and the wheels on the buggy echoes throughout the corn field. The Amish do not drive cars. One of the buggies came toward me, so I quickly framed a shot with the large aperture zoom lens and incorporated the shadow on the corn field produced by the buggy.

Driving behind a large truck, the water from the road kept spraying on my window. The windshield wiper worked at […]



#47: From the eastern end of America to a small island in Canada Part II by Ryuichi Oshimoto

Title photo: On the eastern border of Cutler, Maine, there were signs of morning. The morning light permeated through the sky and the harbor, connecting the Gulf of Maine and Atlantic Ocean, was shining brightly. Counting the boats on the calm water, the super-wide zoom lens captured the entire landscape.  Camera: SIGMA SD1 | Lens: 8-16mm F4.5-5.6 DC HSM | Exposure Mode: Manual | ISO:200 | White Balance: Daylight | Shutter Speed:1/1250 sec | Aperture:F5.6 | Focal Length: 8 mm

Eye Scene: Photographer, Ryuichi Oshimoto Travels with Sigma Camera & Lenses As I admired the lighthouse on Campobello Island in […]



#46 From the eastern end of America to a small island in Canada by Ryuichi Oshimoto

Title Photo: Standing on the north end of Campobello Island. Campobello Island in New Brunswick, Canada is not easily distinguishable as an island on a map. An older passerby informed me that this is the most picturesque area on the island, but the rainy weather created bad footing around the area. Firmly standing on the ground, I pointed the large aperture standard lens toward the red glowing lighthouse and pressed the shutter. The shutter sound dissipated throughout the misty Bay of Fundy.    SIGMA SD1 | Lens: 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM | Exposure Mode: Manual | ISO:200 | White Balance: Daylight | Shutter Speed:1/500 sec | Aperture:F5.6 | Focal Length: 50 mm

Cruising on Interstate Freeway 95, I arrive at the big city of Bangor in Maine. It was difficult to find a road connecting the freeway to leave the city. Late afternoon, I drive through traffic for some time and finally found State Road 9 that leads to the most eastern part of the US. I jetted out of the city and sped through the long straight road. The forest around me became colorless as I traveled farther from the city. From SR9, the road merges to SR 192 and I arrive at Machias at night.



#45 Fall Foliage Season…From Massachusetts to Vermont

Camera: SIGMA SD1 | Lens: 85mm F1.4 EX DG HSM | Exposure Mode: Manual | ISO:200 | White Balance: Daylight | Shutter Speed:1/60 sec | Aperture:F5.6 | Focal Length: 85 mm

Following a leisurely meal and feeling fully satiated, I headed to Port Jefferson, a town on northern Long Island, New York. When I arrive at the harbor, a young man wearing an orange shirt with ‘DOCK’ written on the back instructed me to park the car in one of the three lanes. The ferry arrived in 30 minutes and we boarded the ferry with our cars at exactly 3pm. I got out of the car and climbed the stairs to buy tickets inside. Most of the passengers stayed inside the ferry and read their books or used their computers. I had already planned to go out to the deck. This large ferry, even equipped with bar, takes an 18 mile, one hour and fifteen minute ride on the Long Island Sound across to Bridgeport, Connecticut.