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Guest post by Marcelina Cravat of the Angel Azul documentary film project

My documentary film, Angel Azul, follows the work of Sigma-sponsored sculptor, photographer and conservationist Jason deCaires Taylor, and raises awareness about the threats to the world’s coral reefs. Through his creation and strategic underwater placement of cement statues, artificial coral reefs are generated, providing substrate for coral to grow, a habitat for marine life and a diversion for divers who over-visit the natural reefs. He models the statues after real people and collects them in a beautiful underwater museum off the coast of the Yucatán Peninsula.

Jason partnered with Sigma Corporation of America last year to use the company’s lenses to photograph his work and share it with the world. My team was introduced to Sigma’s lenses through Jason and underwater photographer Mario Navarro. Now, all of our underwater scenes and some of the other footage in Angel Azul are captured through Sigma lenses. You can see some of this video on our Indiegogo page.

Our team is currently raising funds via Indiegogo for post-production, which includes everything from sound design to a film poster. Every effort helps us come one step closer to bringing this message to the public, raising awareness and inspiring action. Jason’s work speaks metaphorically about our connection to the sea, our role in causing its destruction, and our need to step in during this very crucial time before it is too late.

Please visit the Angel Azul Indiegogo page and “like” the Sigma Corporation of America Facebook page to contribute to this effort. Sigma has generously agreed to donate 50 cents for every new “like” they get through the end of the Indiegogo campaign.

Thank you in advance from the Angel Azul team!

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  2. Such a good idea this is. beautiful transitions.