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Sigma has launched a new company direction, one that is deeply embedded in the foundation upon which it was built; the same one upon which it has grown.

Sigma is passionate about photography and after 50 years its sole purpose is to bring the highest quality, uniquely innovative photographic products to photographers of all skills and interests.  It begins with our philosophy:

Delivering the kind of quality for which Sigma is perpetually striving can be summed up by two adjectives; “Essential” and “optimal”.

Learn more about the Sigma Global Vision at our special website.

The tenets of Sigma craftsmanship

In this digital age, genuinely high picture quality is more important than ever.

Now that digital images are everywhere, lens performance requirements have become dramatically higher and more stringent.  This is precisely why we are focusing on genuinely high picture-quality, doing our utmost to eliminate lens aberrations at the manufacturing stage and determinedly striving to ensure that optical date reaches the image sensor with no interference on the way.

Technological innovation combined with artistic sensitivity

There’s a reason why Sigma continues to insist on the very highest quality in it product manufacturing: our love of photography is second to none.

Sigma has developed a production system that delivers
greater design freedom and higher product quality.

At Sigma, problems to be solved and improvements to be made in each manufacturing process are shared and discussed in our on-site decision-making system.

At our Aizu factory, integrated production embraces everything from molds to parts.

Sigma’s ability to coordinate things smoothly on the spot is largely thanks to our unique, vertically integrated production system.

Sigma:  a significant market presence with a social conscience

The history of our Aizu factory, our sole production base is also the history of Sigma itself.  We believe that when a company sets up a business base, it has an economic and cultural responsibility to the local community from that time onward.

Visit the Sigma Global Vision website to learn about our commitment to photography at and view the video that showing the craftsmanship has develop to accomplish this:

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  1. The Sigma company has come a long way.
    But at the last Henry’s Show in Toronto at the Sigma stand there was no Sigma Merit Sd1
    to try.When are you going to show this camera at photo show?.

  2. Lawrence, any chance you’ll be able to make PhotoPlus in NYC next week? We’ll have the SD1 Merrill available for checking out there. And every American Photo Model Shoot offers the chance to try the camera, too!

  3. Post me on events, I’m in SE and NYC areas.. Bob