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When Facebook recently announced that business pages would be switching over to Timeline, we realized this would be a great opportunity for Sigma Corporation of America to showcase fantastic photos each week created by our amazingly talented fans! Each week, we will be featuring a new Fan Photo of the week here on the Sigma blog, and on the Sigma Corporation of America Facebook page.

Here is Robert Lopshire's "Ice Queen" photograph, which is our first Fan Photo of the Week. Images must still look strong when cropped to the Facebook "Cover Photo" dimensions.

Here’s how this works:

Of course, the images must be made with Sigma lenses.

And since this is going up as our cover photo on Facebook, into a wide landscape image slot, we will be looking for images that hold up well with the necessary cropping to a more panoramic format.

And because we want to credit the Fan Photo of the week creator, we will need to add the photo credit and © info to the image we post to our Facebook wall in the image location where it will show up in the cropped Cover image frame. (Much thanks to first Fan Photo of the Week photographer, Robert Lopshire, for also letting us use his image for this demo and walk-through!)

Here is the full frame of the image, with Robert Lopshire's credit and copyright info placed in the frame so that it will be visible inside the Facebook cropping.

The Sigma Corporation of America marketing team will be checking out photos submitted through Photoshare, as well as photos posted to our Facebook page, to choose our Fan Photos of the Week. We will be looking for amazing images–sometimes we’ll definitely be hunting for a perfectly seasonal or timely image–other times it may just be a great image that catches our eye for one reason or another.

We’ll reach out to the photographers to let them know we’re considering their image as Fan Photo of the Week and explain this process and get permission to use their photo on our Facebook wall and to post it on our blog with a photographer and image profile blog entry each week. We’ll also send each chosen photographer a gift package filled with some cool Sigma promotional gadgets and things: a 1 GB USB  drive, lens cloth, stickers and a Sigma pen. The exact contents of the “thank you bag” will vary as new items are introduced and other items are phased out. We’ll update the contents of the of the current goody bag contents here as the inventory changes.

Here’s some advice on how to catch our eye to have your images considered for Fan Photo of the Week.

  • Post and share your absolute strongest work, but also be willing to take some chances! We’re all amazed by images that are a fresh take on familiar themes, as well as dramatic images of totally exotic subjects.
  • Be sure to be descriptive, and tell us the how you made the shot, along with what Sigma gear was used.
  • Make sure your shot will hold up in a panoramic landscape format. (But do also keep in mind we will consider montages, triptychs, stitched panoramas, and other digitally enhanced images. What matters most is that the images inspire and amaze!)

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