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© 2012 Walter Arnold

This week’s Fan Photo of the Week was taken by photographer Walter Arnold made with the Sigma’s new 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 DG II HSM. His story behind the shot:

Driving home at night  on July 25th, 2012  from New York to North Carolina I passed into Virginia just after a heavy rain. The heat quickly turned it to rolling fog in the hills. I sped along the interstate hoping for an exit, and when I found one I turned onto a country road full of farms, white picket fences, vineyards and rolling hills. It was such serendipity! This image is not an HDR; it is a single shot from the Nikon D800 with the new Sigma 12-24mm!

To see more of Walter’s work, check out his website and  Facebook and Flickr pages!

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