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This week’s Fan Photo of the Week was taken by photographer Steve Jones made with the Sigma 150-500mm OS lens, handheld. Metadata was ISO 400, 500mm, f7.1, and 1/125th sec.. He tells us:

I live with my wife and daughter in a small town called La Rue. It is central Ohio and is deep in Old World Amish country.  So there are photo opportunities all over the place.

I like to say that  I like shooting anything in God’s creation. From star trails to sunsets, plants, flowers, birds and animals as well.  Most of my lenses are Nikon lenses that I have accumulated over the past 10 years. However due to my income, I can not afford the price tag of a Nikon 500mm lens, so I went with Sigma instead.  I used to use a Tamron 200-500, but one day, I was over at Midwest Photo Exchange, and they had one of the Sigma 150-500 OS lenses on display.  The Sigma’s OS capabilities really grabbed me, so I basically bought one on the spot. 😀  Since then it has been my go to lens for everything living in the wild.  I am really impressed with the quality I get from it, and the service I get from Sigma when I have a problem.

I work second shift at a foreign car manufacturer’s plant (Honda of America) and rarely get to get out with my wife and go walking along the beach looking for shorebirds up at Lake Eire. Because of last year’s natural disasters, we have been working hard to recover our manufacturing facilities, and still provide for our customers.  So this was my first real weekend this spring to go and shoot shorebirds.

My wife and I were up on the beach at Maumee Bay State Park, On Lake Erie Ohio looking for a Least Tern which had been reported earlier in the month, and I had photographed when I was on vacation a few weeks earlier for the spring migration. Here is the image.

That one was taken with the same lens and handheld as well as belly crawling to get it :-D.

The Tern was MIA, but 6 Ruddy Turnstones were walking the beach searching for a bit of breakfast.  So we shot those instead. 😀 They were very cooperative and as long as I stayed low, they would let me get close and well within range of a good photograph.

Check out more of Steve’s work at:
On Facebook at SJLarue Photography and at 500px as well.

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