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Photo info: © 2012 Robert Ruotolo. Lens: Sigma 50-500 mm APO EX DG at 50mm | Camera: Nikon D7000 | Shutter Speed: 1/125sec | Aperture: f/5.6 | ISO: 200. Lighting | Natural | Date of the shoot: 10/10/2011

Robert Ruotolo tells us:
This photo is of an MD Helicopters 600N owned and operated by 
Wings Air LLC, a Helicopter Charter & Aerial Filming Company based in Westchester County airport  in White Plains, NY.  Wings Air had contacted me to do a shot of a few of the helicopters they operate for a new media campaign they were planning. We departed with all the helicopters that would be involved ( 4 in total ) at sunrise and were headed into New York City to do some beauty shots with the landmarks, skyline, etc. While on the flight down to NYC, we flew in formation with the MD-600N and I though to myself it was too bad I couldn’t start the shots of the 600 due to the position of the Sun and what a shame that was.  But then, just as I settled on that thought, and did a the proverbial shoulder shrug in resignation, it hit me. This was the photo I absolutely needed to capture!  I took all the things I knew that where working against me and decided to make them work for me.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Robert Ruotolo is a self-taught multi-discipline photographer who specializes in Aerial, Industrial & Transportation systems photography and most recently has decided to take on some new challenges with Portrait & Fashion Photography. His unique way of seeing & presenting his subjects to the viewer has him continually pushing the limits of what’s possible with his photographic endeavors and tries to have the viewer to see his subjects with a new perspective.

Introduced to photography by his father, Jerry Ruotolo, an accomplished Food & Event photographer, Robert was exposed to the “Art of The Image” at a very early age.

Robert’s artistic side was influenced very early on through his interest in Vintage Travel posters and the magic of travel related poster artwork from the 40’s & 50’s.

Robert had taken a nearly 19 year break from photography and over the past 2 years has decided to picked up the camera once again share his artistic vision in a whole new way. Robert has his 35mm and Medium format systems behind him and has embraced digital photography as the medium for expressing his artistic creativity.

“For me my photography is my greatest form of expression.” One of the things that really excites me about Photography is, not only do I get to share my vision of how I see the world with my friendsand family, but now I get to share some of these exciting images my global friends and followers. It’s an absolute joy for me.”

“Whenever I’m involved in shooting a subject, time just seems to melt away. I completely lose myself in the process of trying to present the forms, colors & atmosphere of what I see in my minds eye then translate that through my lens, and then make it a reality. It’s a real kick for me.”

Robert is a native New Yorker, based in Brooklyn, New York. More examples of Robert’s work can be found on his website, and be sure to follow his Facebook page to stay updated!

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