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Our Fan Photo of the Week (May 7-11) was captured by photographer Matt Casagrande.

He tells us:

My friend and I were decided to squeeze in an afternoon hike before the sun went down in Zion National Park in November 2011.  At the top of the Watchman trail we were greeted by a spectacular view of the Watchman looming over the town of Springdale.  As the sun made its way towards opposing mountains, and the light began to change, I knew that it was going to a great shot.  When it finally disappeared behind them, the streaming light lit up the mountain.

I took out the DP2 (my constant hiking companion), locked the exposure on the mountain face and took 4 sequential portrait shots.  My friend was tugging at my pack straps because we still had a 1.5 mile hike back down, so back in the pocket for the camera and we were off.  It was dark my the time we were down, but it was well worth it.  I stitched the shots together in Hugin, adjusted a little in Sigma Photo Pro and that was all it took.

about me: I’m a 35 year old amateur photographer living in Somerville, MA who grew up reading books just for the pictures. I purchased a DP2 a couple years ago and I love it – I and find that I reach for it more often then my fancy DSLR.

To see more of Matt’s work, check out his Flickr page!

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