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This week’s Facebook Fan photo of the week was taken by Matt Bryant using the 150-500mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM lens.  The shot was taken with a Nikon D7000, focal length 350mm, f/8 at 1/1600 second, ISO equivalent 400, manuel exposure mode, matrix metering mode. Here’s his story:

Taken at the Cocoa Beach Air Show in Cocoa Beach, FL September 22.  We were on the beach standing in the water while taking shots of the fighter jets.  This is a shot of the F-22 Raptor.  The most expensive, most advanced, fighter jet in the world.  The zoom range of the Sigma 150-500 came in handy for long shots and closer shots when the jets flew over the crowd.  It also came in handy when the Raptor was performing high flying stunts.  The stunts were out range for just about any mm length (and hard to watch during mid day sun in plain sight), but it was great to watch through the view finder to witness the maneuverability of the jet.  In my opinion a prime lens would limit you to certain shots.  Most of the shots were taken at full zoom, 500mm, but this shot of the raptor was taken at 350mm.

My wife Cindy bought me my first DSLR almost two years ago and haven’t been able to put it down.  A few months afterwards we both added the Sigma 150-500mm lens to our arsenal and we have discovered a new world through the view finder.  We’ve used it for everything from birds to portraits.  Growing up I could often be found exploring the woods for animals, bugs, and what ever else I could get my hands on.  Now that I’ve added 500mm to eye sight I’ve discovered a whole new world that would be easily neglected otherwise.  This lens works well for many different circumstances.  It’s compact enough to take to a theme park and powerful enough to take to an air show.

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  1. Incredible shot! In my opinion you did an incredible job at capturing this jet hand held. I’ve seen many images taken by professional photographers with prime (very expensive lenses) and to be honest, I can’t see how their shots are any better. In fact, it’s my opinion you rocked this shot and the lens! It goes to show that you don’t always need a $10K lens to get a amazing job! Congratulations–you deserved the spotlight here!

  2. How come no one mentions what it is ‘ it is a picture of a sonic boom . A jet braking the sound barrier .

  3. No sonic boom, you’ll never experience one of those at an airshow, just not allowed.
    This phenomonem is quite common at low level flight over warm water.

  4. Simply awesome picture. Congratulations. I also own a d7000 and am about to go for the 50-500. Apo Os HSM. Now that saw many of Cindy’s photos I’m completely convinced I’ll be happier. (Currently use the Nikkor 18-105 and 55-300 DXs)