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The Fan Photo of the Week for April 30th was captured by Loralea Kirby with a Sigma 50-500mm on a Canon EOS 7D at the Cape May Zoo. She tells us:

This photo was captured at the Cape May Zoo here in New Jersey. I was wearing a skirt that this gorgeous male thought was quite attractive, and he was intent on letting me know that he was the most beautiful Peacock at the zoo. Every time I thought I had taken enough photos and went to leave, he would strut in front of me and display for yet another shot. Needless to say with the combination of the size of the Sigma lens I was shooting and his displays, we drew quite the crowd!
I did very little post processing on this photo. The afternoon light filtered through the trees hitting the plumage at just the right angle to show off the shimmer without making it too harsh. The awesome focal range of the lens allowed me to stand back far enough to capture the shot without shadowing the subject or losing the catchlight in the eye, then zoom in further to capture the intricate details of the feathering.

I have been shooting for about five years now, two of those years have been with a DSLR. My focus is mostly nature photography, with a deep passion for capturing birds in their natural habitat. Visit Loralea Kirby’s website for more great shots made with Sigma lenses!

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  1. Loraly, this is a beautiful photo! Congrats on winning!!