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This week’s Facebook Fan photo of the week was taken by Kellie Smirnoff using the 15mm F2.8 EX DG Diagonal Fisheye lens.

Here’s her story behind the shot:

This photo was taken at Green Lakes State Park which is a New York State Park located east of Syracuse in the Town of Manilus. My twin sister and I took our cameras out to take photos of nature and the way the sun was coming through the trees and hit the moss, leaf and background we found to be stunning. It always amazes us how something as simple as a leaf can tell a story when you look at it close up. I placed the lens right up to the leaf on the macro setting and there was no doubt that the shot was going to be my favorite. The Sigma Fisheye has amazing auto focus at close range and the crispness it brings to a photo is phenominal. I love the versitility of the lens and how it brings drama and a unique look to photographs. It pulls your eye in and makes you go wow!

About Kellie: My Dad has always loved photography and has instilled the love of being behind the camera to his daughters. I took a photography class back in high school (about 26 years ago) and my Dad even setup a dark room in our home for us to develop our own film. After years of not picking up a camera I purchased a camera body and found my love again. I recently purchased the 15mm F2.8 EX DG Diagonal Fisheye and saw a new world after the shutter was release. I am a novice but find the world to be dynamic through the lens. Each person can look at a photo and have their own story and that is what I find so beautiful.

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  1. What beautiful colors and perspective. You can never go wrong with Fall colors :)