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© 2012 Karan Kaucchur. Lens: Sigma 10-20mm | Aperture f/13.0 | Focal Length 10 mm | Shot in Sandy Hook Beach, NJ

This week’s Fan photo of the week was taken by Karan Kauchhur using Sigma’s 10-20mm F4-5.6 DC HSM.

I shot this image on evening of August 10th. I checked the weather app, the sky was supposed to clear a bit after the scattered thunder storms all day and this sounded like perfect photo weather.

I drove to Sandy Hook beach because I could see some dramatic clouds still lingering around the horizon. Sun was to set at 8 pm, I reached this spot at around 7:45 pm. The cloud was almost over head and the natural light was very soft. I used the Sigma 10-20mm wide angle to capture the clouds along with the tide which was slowly creeping in. This beautiful light on lasted about 1 minute!

I got into photography in 2008 when I bought a Nikon D60. I have always been a nature lover and used to go out on trails and hikes.. I saw a lot of beautiful things, so the camera and shooting those scenes were a natural extension to my extra curricular activity. Over the last few years, I have had my images published for Florida English Journal, Fiat Blog, written a couple of articles on NJ’s Outdoor Life and had an exhibition for charity early this year. Currently I am working with an Art Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal to have my images displayed.

Check out more of Karan’s work on his website and blog! Also check out his interviews with top landscape photographers.

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