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This week’s Fan Photo of the Week was taken by photographer Lisa Franceski made with the APO 120-400mm F4-5.6 DG OS HSM. Her story behind the shot:

I was walking through the Lattingtown Nature Preserve en route to photograph Least Terns bathing in the small lake.   I passed by a tree with a hole in it and of course I was curious and went to get a closer look.  I think the Tree Swallow heard my footsteps out came her head to investigate! What a perfect opportunity to photograph this moment! The male Tree Swallow came shortly thereafter and had all sorts of insects in its mouth to feed their young.  I could hear little peeps from within.  As the male clung onto the trunk of the tree before the hole, the female flew out so he could feed.  I have observed them both switching their hunting and feeding duties.  It was really miraculous to watch up close!

About Lisa:

I’ve been photographing since 2010 and gravitated toward wildlife, especially birds.  My main interests are with shorebirds who are threatened or endangered species such as the Piping Plover and the Common Tern.  Although, I do enjoy other species of birds!

Check out Lisa’s amazing work on Flickr!

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