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This week’s Fan Photo of the Week is by photographer Cristian Guamanzara made with the 10-20mm F4-5.6 DC HSM lens. He tells us:

I call this shot “Calm Waters” because when you look at how serene and calm the water looks it brings you a sense of calmness. I decided to head out into NYC on a cold November night in 2010. I walked around for a bit trying to see where the ideal spot would be. Finally I found the perfect location and began running test shots. I took out my Sigma 10-20mm F/4-5.6 and mounted the camera on my Manfrotto tripod. I finally got the right exposure and composition right and was finally happy with the shot! I started working on the pictures a few days later until I came to this shot, I did some touch ups and when the picture was finally done, I just sat back and admired it. I loved how the picture came out! I immediately posted it up all over the place and the audience loved it. I had a lot of people telling me they wanted to but the picture and had a few also to use it as their screen savers.

About C3Photography:  I picked the name C3 because my wife, my son and my name all start with the letter C. I specialize in automotive photography – I shoot for wheel companies both in the East and West Coast. My passion has always been cars – I used to collect car posters as a kid and hang up in my room. Now the pictures that I hang up are shots taken by me. In early 2009 I started taking pics with a Nikon D60 and fell in love with the art of photography. I started practicing almost daily and by late 2009 I actually moved up to a D90 and I started taking pics of friends’ cars and began networking little by little at car meets until C3 as a brand gained recognition through most of the Northeast car forums and has been expanding since.

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