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This week’s Fan Photo of the Week was taken by photographer Angela Cable made with the Sigma’s 10-20mm F4-5.6 DC HSM. Her story behind the shot:

This area is about 16 miles south of Rock Springs, WY off of Wyoming 430 South, on County Road 48 (Salt Wells Road). There are three unnamed formations, including this one, that are immediately visible and easily accessible to 2WD vehicles. They are all evening shots, the sun would rise behind them causing backlighting problems. This part of Sweetwater County consists primarily of high plains desert with sedimentary rock formations. Sweetwater county covers over 10,000 square miles, we are the largest county in Wyoming, and we are larger than six states :-) More information on Sweetwater County can be found at these sites:

I’ve lived in southwest Wyoming for 35 years and still routinely find new areas to visit although this is one of my favorites along with the area surrounding Aspen Mountain, the Killpecker Sand Dunes and the Seedskadee Nat’l Wildlife Refuge.

On this particular day, I’d gone down there to photograph the third formation, just down the road from this one, that I like to call “Desert-henge” because there are these massive blocks of rock that have fallen off the cliffs above forming a weirdly semi-circular pattern around the base of the thing. It began sprinkling and I realized that the time of day was perfect for a rainbow. As I headed back to the car, it began to appear over the formation so I hurried back down the road to the other two formations since there is more sagebrush at these ones for foreground interest. The rainbow lasted perhaps 20 minutes and I got happily soaked :-)

Here’s the link to the Wyoming album, which includes this image.

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