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Have you noticed the new “Play the Video” button on all our product pages? Almost every camera and lens in our lineup now features a brief video overview of the features, functions and benefits to help you decide which new Sigma gear is the perfect fit for your camera bag.

Click on the "Play the Video" button on our product pages to view a short, informative video showcasing the key features of our lenses and cameras.

It’s simple: Click the icon and the video will pop up. In about two minutes, you’ll have an overview what differentiates each of our products. For example, we’ve got a pair  10-20mm ultrawide zoom lenses. Is the constant F3.5 aperture or the variable aperture version right for you? Watching the videos will explain the benefits of each lens to help you decide.

Additionally, we’ve made several videos showcasing lenses that are well suited to various styles of photography: Landscape and Wildlife, Studio and Location, Family Photography, and more.

And if you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between a Prime lens, and a constant or variable aperture zoom lens, we’ve made a video for that, too!

And if you’ve wondered what designates a lens as a macro lens, of course we’ve tackled that topic!

And we should mention that every single scene, every angle, and every second of video footage captured on this project was recorded with Sigma lenses on HDSLRs and cine cameras. Check out this behind the scenes look at the shoot and hear what the Director of Photography, Kevin Keller, had to say about shooting with Sigma.

In short, we here at Sigma believe that helping photographers of all skill levels find the gear that’s right for them–for their style of photography and within their budget–is an all-around win for everyone. And that’s exactly why we created this series of information-packed videos.

You can also view all the videos on our dedicated video page.

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  1. Sigma lenses has several types of lenses. I am a new photographer and using sigma lens for photo shooting and video shooting. The lenses are very comfortable for using though I am a beginner. This is the reason, I like sigma because they always think about all level of users.

  2. Congratulations Sigma, I love the update on the videos, although the old videos are ok, It just feels fresher, and more enticing to pick up a new lens today. ^_^