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Earlier this month the Sigma crew gathered at the Westin in downtown Seattle for the American Photo Model Shoot. These shoots feature eight different sets complete with continuous lighting by Westcott, twenty or so models, and three working photographers (including me) to help participants at the event build their portfolios. If that’s not enough, Sigma ships in beaucoup lenses to loan to photographers during the shoot at no charge! ©2012 Marc Farb

Here Sigma’s Emi Arata (she also edits these blogs. Love ya Emi!) and tech Rep Jared Ivy help a photographer select a lens to take for a test drive… I mean shoot. ©2012 Marc Farb

New to the shoot this year is the SD1 Merrill studio. This special set is equipped with professional electronic flash by Dynalite, Rime Lite strip and soft boxes and the exquisite Grand parabolic as a main and of course the truly exciting 46 megapixel SD1 Merrill camera. ©2012 Marc Farb

Photographers sign up and when their number is called they have one-on-one time with the model and the SD1. Their photographs are displayed on a 50 inch monitor in real time. They are downloaded and delivered almost immediately after the photographer finishes on a jump drive. Here you see the result the photographer shown above made with the SD1. ©2012 Lau

The SD1 Merrill ~ medium format results

The SD1 packs serious quality onto a cropped (APS-C) sensor. After the shoot wrapped, model Kenzie Smith and I worked together with the SD1 and the parabolic Rime Grand.

Full length… ©2012 Kevin Ames

Medium…©2012 Kevin Ames

Close… ©2012 Kevin Ames

And closer… ©2012 Kevin Ames

I focused on her left eye because I loved the way her eyelashes curled out. Even cropped in this much from the full frame the detail is astonishing! ©2012 Kevin Ames

One more look at the resolution from the SD1’s Foveon sensor. Look at Kenzie’s eyes, her lashes and eyebrows, the texture of her skin and the super subtle freckles on the bridge of her nose. And if you’re wondering about the sparkled catchlights in her pupils, that’s the Grand. ©2012 Kevin Ames

The next American Photo Model Shoot is in Saint Louis, MO. July 21st. There are six more coming to a location near you. Please go to their website, register, then plan to have a great day of photography. Bring lots of memory cards because you’ll shoot a ton. We’ll be there too so you can test out Sigma’s lenses on your camera and of course take the exciting SD1 Merrill for a spin.

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