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I got to shoot an SD1 in Dallas, Texas in late July. The results are surprising. Don’t get me wrong, I have killer photographs made with my earlier Sigma SD9, and SD10 as well as my full frame Canon’s. This one is exciting for a couple of reasons. First it’s the highest resolution small frame APS-C senor camera in the world. Think of it as medium format back quality packed into a sensor that’s only 25 by 17 millimeters in size. Second, it uses the largest Foveon X3F chip ever. This sensor is different. Instead of one specific color for each pixel like every DSLR on the planet; every photo site in the SD1 sees red, green and blue! That means great color with no moiré—ever. Hey, enough of the tech. Let’s look at some photographs…

This photograph of Dallas models Sarah and Hannah was made with tungsten light. I used the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 lens with an exposure of 1/15th at f/8 and ISO 200.


Here’s a portrait of Sarah. She’s about four feet from the background. I lit her with two 4X6 foot tungsten soft boxes. One in front and to her left The other is aimed at her left from behind. It puts a nice highlight in her hair and down her right arm.

The lens, exposure and ISO are the same as for the previous photo.

What I love is the detail the SD1 reveals. Look at the actual pixel view of just her left eye. You can count every eyelash and see the delicate meshes that make up her iris.


For this one, I moved the soft box in back just enough so that it spilled light directly on the lens so I could see how the SD1 and Sigma’s 85mm handled flare. Usually light hitting the lens causes flare which wipes out the contrast in a photograph. Not here! Instead I got the playful red and green color circles in the background while Sarah’s color remained true to life. ©2011 Kevin Ames • All Rights Reserved

Bottom line so far on photographs from the SD1? They’re scary good. (That’s wicked good for non-New Englanders like me.)

My SD1 just arrived. I already have a studio shoot scheduled. After that, I’m taking it on the road to Chicago and Washington, D.C. I can hardly wait to share the results!

Photographs ©2011 Kevin Ames • All Rights Reserved

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  1. How does it compare in size to the SD9/10?