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The Premise

It’s all about the image!  Sigma has always believed that the purpose of photography is to capture images; images that reflect the creativity of the photographer, capture moments preserving memories, tell a story and create art.    The image is the inspiration behind all Sigma products.  Providing the opportunity to capture the best image possible has always been at the core of our photographic equipment.  That simple premise will at the forefront of Sigma’s exhibit at this year’s Photo Plus Expo show held at the Jacob Javits Center on Thursday, October 27th through Saturday October 29th hosted by PDN magazine.  We invite you to come and see, for the first time, the newly created Sigma System photo gallery.

What to Expect

Photo Plus Expo is an event that attracts the industry’s established and aspiring photographers and image-makers; the energy level is high mirroring the overall energy of NYC.  It’s a show offering ideas, solutions, education, inspiration and opportunities for all photographers to grow.  Our contribution will be to share with you the Sigma System of cameras and lenses highlighting the SD1 and the over 50 lenses compatible with our flagship camera and with of most of the major camera brands available today.

Booth Events

The products: The products will be there, live and in person, for all to touch, feel and explore.  The Cameras, including the DP series and the SD Series along with the complete line of lenses will be available for you to “try on”.  Come to the booth meet our highly trained staff and see the products you’ve heard about, ask questions and find out which Sigma products best suits your needs.

The Photo Gallery: Stroll the Sigma System Gallery featuring brand new, breath taking images.  Lining the walls of the booth will be supersized images taken by Sigma Pros and shot with the new Sigma SD1 and their favorite Sigma lenses.   The breadth of Sigma capabilities may surprise you but we’re sure you’ll be taken with the quality of the images. These images demonstrate the vivid, rich color and vast details of which the Sigma SD1 is capable.    If you are attending the show be sure spend some time looking at the photos and be sure to pay close attention to the details of each photograph, there may be a quiz!

The Professionals:  Throughout the day, in the Sigma booth, Sigma Pros, will discuss their experiences and techniques for image creation using Sigma products.

  • Lindsay Adler will talk about her fashion photography and how the 85mm, for example, has proven to be an exceptional photographic tool in her work,
  • Dave FitzSimmons will share his success in macro photography,
  • Expect Kevin Ames to provide insight on his experiences with portrait and commercial photography
  • Sports photographer, Ron Wyatt will be on hand to share his tips for capturing the action.
  • Paul Thacker, commercial photographer, committed to the SD series of cameras and commission by Japan to shoot many of the Sigma ads will be on hand for discussions and “tours” of Sigma SD cameras.

And… Our very own, Jack Howard, resident blog writer and photographic expert will talk about classic and new directions in DSLR-based imaging like HDRI, DSLR time lapse, and helping you choose which lens best suits your vision.

The Fun: Book signings, conversations with the pros, games, prizes and an opportunity to tell us what’s on your holiday wish list for a chance to win more prizes!!

This year, don’t miss Sigma at Photo Plus Expo.  Explore the Possibilities with us. You won’t be disappointed!

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  1. would like to know when and if your company will ever come to Middle Tn Franklin,springhill,Columbia

  2. Very exciting! Question: Any idea of the new 150-50/2.8 OS is coming? It was announced at the beginning of this year…

  3. I just bought Sigma 18-250 OS HSM lense.It feels tight when zooming and stops turning have to give more pressure to turn to go to 250mm.Is this normal or purposely made like this?