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After having tried Sigma’s second generation APO 70-200mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM, it really made me crave to own one. Debating whether to get the second generation with Optical Stabilizer or the less expensive HSM II, I finally decided to get the latter. I couldn’t stop tracking the lens I ordered. Seriously, every 30 minutes I was checking the online tracking system to know where my lens was. When the lens arrived, I unwrapped it quickly and did a lot of test shots, from macro to street photography. Good thing the local meetup group organized a benefit shoot for Whispering Woods Animal Rescue, a non-profit animal rescue organization. It gave me the chance to test the lens as well.  

Location was in Juniata Golf Course on a windy day. I brought my strobist kit, but due to strong wind, I couldn’t use it outdoors. Desperate to take some outdoor shots, good thing I brought my reflector with me, with help of a  fellow photographer, we took turns in lighting the model with the sun’s reflection. All photos were taken using Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 EX DG APO Macro HSM II

We used a 42” gold reflector. Minor color balance correction. Model: Nico Ward

We used the silver reflector, cooler light being reflected. Model: Nico Ward

I’d love to take more photos outdoors, but I couldn’t stand the wind. Good thing, there’s a big space inside the reception area, so I utilized it and set-up my strobist kit. The organizer prepared some white backdrop for people who wanted to shoot indoors. 

Two (2) speedlights were mounted with white umbrella as diffusers. Model: Kat Manning

I was about to pack my things when some dogs from the shelter came in. Bella, a German shepherd caught my attention. I asked permission to take photo of the dog with the model. Below is also taken using the same set-up as above photos. 

Model: Molly Graham and Bella (German shepherd)

I was so amazed with the output of the lens that I bought and it is a keeper for sure. 

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-Kennard Tan

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  1. Great lens best spent $ . This is my go to lens! Go to flicker nick4619 to see some photos from this lins!