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I was in San Francisco for the opening of the Apple store in Union Square. The event was big. There were terrifically long lines of people waiting to for the doors to open. The first customer has been camping out for three days. The press was ushered in for the ribbon cutting with preceeding San Francisco mayor and first African American to serve in that office Willie Brown, Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Gavin Newsome, San Fran’s newly elected mayor, (now California’s Lieutenant Governor.)

This photograph captured my heart then and even more now. Steve and his wife are chatting about the store, its glass staircase, one of the first in the world and the excitement shared by everyone there. 


A side note from that chilly morning of February 26, 2004—the store was selling “Lucky Bags” for two hundred bucks. These were black gym bags with Apple merchandise inside worth at least the purchase price. Mine had an Airport Extreme base station, (score!) one of the first wireless keyboards and mouse along with a special gift card good for a discount along with other goodies. The tag on the handle read “Apple Store San Francisco. Do you feel lucky?” in homage to Clint Eastwood’s character “Dirty” Harry Callahan. Union Square was his beat after all.

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