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The SD15 digital SLR camera has many features and functions, but you probably already know this, if you have been paying attention to the videos that have been posted on this site in recent days.

The final video in the SD15 camera video series explains the camera’s ISO function.  The SD15 captures light effectively and ensures noiseless image processing. The image sensor provides high definition with rich, gradated tones.  For a closer look, watch the video below.

The SD 15 video series has taken a look at many of the cameras functions.  Next, we will present a series of videos with Carl Rytterfalk, another member of the Sigma Users’ Group. Carl will walk us through a series of videos to help us better understand the Sigma Photo Pro 4.1 software, which comes with the SD15.

For more information about the SD15, check out the SD15 Press Release and SD15 Product Page.

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