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Jamie visits our New York office!

Sigma had the distinct pleasure of hosting our very first, scholarship winner, Jamie Russell. Jamie’s prize winning photos poignantly reflected conditions among the homeless in the Buffalo area. She is a recent high school graduate going on to Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she will major in photography and minor in journalism.

What made hosting Jamie such a pleasure was Jamie herself. Upon meeting Jamie her warmth and enthusiasm was immediately felt. She was so appreciative of having won the contest and for the opportunity to visit our facility and made it a point to tell us so every chance she had. In getting to know Jamie, we were more impressed with how bright, resourceful, organized, focused and ambitious she is. Her concern for the human condition is clearly what motivates her and moves her forward in both her photography and career aspirations. After meeting the entire Sigma staff and having a bite of breakfast, Jamie picked out three lenses as part of her prize, the 70-300mm F4-5.6 DG Macro, 8-16mm F4.5-5.6 DC and the 24mm F1.8 EX DG Macro then Sigma executives presented her with the $5,000 prize. (Of course the occasion called for the traditional “big” check!) After a full out photo shoot we whisked her off to Manhattan for a full day of photo shoot.

Jamie and the Sigma USA family!

Our first stop in NYC was Central Park where Jamie had never been. As we strolled through the park, we visited the boat house, the fountain and the beautiful tree-lined Mall. Jamie, admittedly not really a nature photographer, couldn’t help but to snap away at the scenery, mesmerized by the trees that lined the Mall all ran into one another and created a canopy and transported us from NYC to vast countryside. I must add that it was brutally hot this day, but that didn’t stop Jamie from running, crouching, standing in direct sunlight and almost getting left behind a few times in an effort to get the shot she was after!

Intertwining Trees in Central Park © 2010 Jamie Russell

Leaving the Park we walked down 5th Avenue toward MoMA which was our next destination. Jamie found so many details of the buildings along the way worthy of photographs as she is also a lover of architecture and here her deep appreciation for the contrast between the old buildings set amongst the new was bolstered. She even managed to capture a bit of the human condition in New York City capturing a shot of a shopping cart overloaded containing all of one person’s most worldly and necessary possessions acquired from the streets. On the steps which began at street level, started out wide and continued to the top where it narrowed, was a man sleeping, nestled in blankets on that top step where he fit almost perfectly in length; his back to us so as not to see his face; striking photos but all too familiar NYC scenes.

Walking up 5th Avenue, Jamie spots a window washer. © 2010 Jamie Russell

The walk was long and it was hot and we were hungry, so lunch was in order.

After lunch, we continued our trip to MoMA where we viewed two exhibits: Pictures by Women: A history of Modern Photography and Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Modern Century. It was in the Cartier-Bresson exhibit that Jamie expressed her understanding and appreciation of where photography started relative to where it is today. We then moved on to view the impressionists paintings where Jamie was able to see her most favorite painting, Starry Night by Vincent van Vogh. This was highlight for her and we were glad to have shared it with her.

Then it was off to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York Public Library and Grand Central station; we refer to this as the pure architectural portion of the tour. It was taking photos of these structures that the 8-16mm proved to be an indispensable and highly capable lens. Never having used a wide angle lens before, Jamie was in awe of the breadth of this lens and what she was able to compose within one frame. The 8-16mm lens was a hit with new Sigma enthusiast, Jamie!

Rush Hour at Grand Central Station © 2010 Jamie Russell

© 2010 Jamie Russell

 Our last stop ended at Times Square.  After having dinner in the Theatre district with the little time we had left, we were off to explore one of the busiest areas in Manhattan. The chaos was overwhelming, but it was an interesting time of day to be when the sun was about to set.  The light bouncing off of the buildings created an attractive atmosphere. 

Commotion on Broadway © 2010 Jamie Russell

Having a little fun at the Hershey store!

Jamie is an amazing young woman. We are pleased and proud to have had the opportunity to expand her travel experience, provide her with new photo equipment so that she can continue to develop her photographic skills and begin her college career. Most importantly, we are better for having met her as she reminded us that photography is a passion; it’s something that lives in someone’s soul and that is how the world’s most remarkable, indelible and inspiring photographs are born. We wish Jamie luck and long, successful photographic career. Sigma stands ready to support this endeavor.

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  1. Jamie – what a wonderful opportunity for you…CONGRATULATIONS on this magnificent accomplishment! What a door this will open for you. Enjoy the next 4 years at college…you are off to a fabulous start!!!!! Hey, don’t forget to treat Gram Carm to dinner with that big check!!!!!!!! Congrats to your parents too! Be sure to tell them cousin Ann Marie read the blog…it was soooo impressive!!!! You must take after the “Burgio” side of the family!!!!! LOL!!!!!

    Ann Marie…your 3rd – maybe 4th cousin!!!!

  2. Jamie – I was going to text you 12:34am exactly right now. Then I saw I could tell you how proud I am of you for all to see. I look through all these beautiful photographs and see a little copy right with your name after it and I’m completly amazed. Your work is beautiful and an absolute joy to view. Run with your dreams, take them as far as they go. Keep up the good work Chi!!! Lots of Luv, and be sure to KIT while your at school. I’ll send you as many “amature” photos of Buppy as possible. 🙂

    Your Cuz and Friend

  3. Jamie, you have so much TALENT! Thank you for making us proud at JFK! Good luck at Point Park, continue to grow and experience life through your lens. We will miss you, I will miss you!

    Mrs. Sokolski