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We hope you have enjoyed the first five videos in the SD15 video series and that you now have a better understanding of our latest DSLR camera.

The final six videos of the series will take a look at Sigma Photo Pro 4.1, the image processing software that comes with the SD15.  As Sigma User Group member Carl Rytterfalk will explain, Sigma Photo Pro 4.1 is designed to work with the SD15’s X3F mode, or RAW file formats. The SD15’s RAW file format records all of the image data without deteriorating the camera’s performance.  Photographers using the SD15 can do his or her own hands-on photo finishing using the Sigma Photo Pro 4.1 software to create breathtaking prints and final products. This video is a brief introduction to and overview of the software. Stay tuned for more in-depth videos that take a closer look at editing images that involve overexposure, skin tone, shading and white balance, and high ISO.

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